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ここ二週間「No,845」の公演や準備のためお休みさせていただいたOrange Planet の新作発表を明日より再開させていただきます。
これまでの様に、Minimum Art作品を含め、今回より「No,845」で展示されていた作品、原画も毎週数点づつ数回にわたり発表させていただき、手に取っていただける機会を作らせていただきます。


第一弾目はMinimum Art作品を含めた十作品発表、Orange Planet HPよりご確認くださいませ!

From tomorrow, we will resume the new release of Orange Planet, which has been closed for the past two weeks due to the performance and preparation of “No, 845”.

As in the past, we will be announcing several works and original drawings that were exhibited at “No.845”, including the Minimum Art works, several times a week, and we will create opportunities for you to pick them up. I’ll enjoy having this

However, since all the works are large-sized works, if they are framed, the shipping and framing costs will increase.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the works you have seen so far, from the works that have become goods to the works that you have drawn every day on the blog.

For the first installment, 10 works including Minimum Art works are announced, please check from the Orange Planet HP!

2022 / 08 / 19 (FRI) / “18:00″~Orange Planet BY ART GROUP HASHIGOTAKA Sales Start!


Please Look Forward to it!