Ninety-Four / 玖拾肆 【First day in Taiwan】


玖拾肆 / Ninety-Four.

着ていったジャンバーを脱ぎ宿まで荷物に括りつけて歩いていたのですが、やはり?いつの間にか無くなっておりw  そしたらその晩めちゃくちゃ寒くなって予想通り不安なスタートww




Ninety-Four / 玖拾肆
First day in Taiwan


 Temperature is higher than Japan
 I took off the jumper I had worn and walked to the hotel with it tied in my luggage, but after all?  Before I knew it, it was gone lol Then that night it got really cold and as expected, it started out uneasy lol
 The next day, we went out to do some shopping and even though it was our first time in Taiwan in 4 years, people at various stores remembered us, and even though they didn’t understand the language, they were sure to say things like, “You guys used to come shopping here a lot before the coronavirus!?” I think the nuance was lol
 Back then, when we went shopping, we were treated like troublesome people who couldn’t understand the language, but when we visited again four years later, they started treating us nostalgically, like those strange people would come again. LOL, I felt like everyone in the market was also supporting us LOL.

 to be continued