If you think you’re silent.




 これを嫌がらせのように娘に送り、いらん。 と、言われて楽しむとゆう、無の遊びが私の癒し時間です。



 その子の夢、叶うといいな。 と、私も思います!

 blogを始めて1年近くになるとは。 笑

 「静かな日々の階段を」/Dragon Ash


If you think you’re silent.

This is aco in charge of Saturday blog.

With the app that Aki taught me, I sometimes play with drawing like this.
I can’t use it well at all, it looks like a child’s graffiti … lol
I’m playing without using it at work,,,
Sorry for telling you…lol
Don’t send this to your daughter like harassment.  Having said that, I enjoy playing with nothing, which is my healing time.

What are you doing playing my rules?

●Previous reply●

Thank you for your reply.
So does Kinako.
At the same time as that time, with the scenery and smell,
The scene of the day runs through my head at high speed.
In my case, I’m not used to remembering yet, so it feels like I’m fast-forwarding what I’ve seen and pressing the stop button when I want to remember.
Is that okay?
I think.
I hope that child’s dream comes true.  And I think too!

●To everyone●
Thank you for this week as well!
October has started.
Suddenly, this year is over in 3 months.
It is early~.
It’s been almost a year since I started blogging.  smile

Here is the song of the week.
 “Quiet Stairs”/Dragon Ash

See you next week.



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